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Welcome to the TBOC Membership page where anyone can sign up and become part of Taken Back Our Community(TBOC) and take action in your community today. TBOC. is a nonproift 501c3 looking to give commuinity serivce hours to youth-adults desiring to expand their Mind,Body and Spirit. For more information about membership opportunities for community service, internships, jobs and outside events become a member and recieve full overveiw of what it means to become part of TBOC. 

How to Become a Member

Step 1: 

Fill out this TBOC Membership form.




Step 2: Donate $20 to TBOC Membership Startup package.



Step 3: TBOC Membership action


Now that you are a TBOC Member multitudes of opportunities to volunteer, to intern, to gain employment, to join retreats, performances, and even become part of the outreach in Taken Back Our Community. You are now a part of a network/family of positive people and actions the only way to improve your community is through work ethic and dedication. If you don't take action on the opportunities in TBOC you  are doing your community an injustice. This membership means that action and your choice to take your community into your hands. 

We Thank You For Supporting Your Community!